Pred has been playing music professionally in Europe and America for over 30 years. Almost without exception, audiences find themselves awestruck by his performances. His creative blend of vocals, bass ,acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion rhythm and other effects have a unique sound that is at once familiar and startling because Pred is doing all the parts himself live before the crowd. His technical ability combined with his seasoned nuanced expression makes him a one man band like no other. 

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Pred's musical foundation was honed at a prestigious European University before his musical career took him to various countries in the world, and eventually to America where he splits his engagements between Tampa and Chicago metropolitan areas with the occasional visit to European venues. From time to time, Pred also coaches individuals who aspire to advance their own musical competence. 

During his association with Guitar Center in Chicago, Pred was asked to represent Midwest Region and was selected a finalist in the King of the Blues competition in Los Angeles. In Germany he recorded tracks for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". This is Germany’s equivalent to American Idol.

Preds eclectic repertoire includes musical standards in just about every style; jazz, blues, rock, folk, traditional Eastern European, Latin, flamenco, gypsy, coffee house, dance, reggae, pop, bluegrass, country, even DJ. To suit the style he plays many different instruments including keyboards, drums, just about anything with strings and multiple instruments at the same time. He blends these styles seamlessly to create a flow that is irresistible, uplifting, and lively. 

He has recorded, arranged, edited, and produced several music CDs for other artists. He uses state of the art technology to bring these creations to completion, often serving as studio musician to fill any gaps. He is known for his ability to bring out the best features in these other artist's compositions or interpretations. Although put on the back burner for his live shows, Pred currently has a much anticipated new recording project entirely of his own in the works.


Proficient in: Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin
Recording, Arranging, Composition, Production, Education, and Electronics



2006: Recorded guitar tracks for German TV show "Germany Search The
Superstar" with Peter Reese.


2011: First place in the King of the Blues contest for the Mid West.


2011: One of five finalists for Guitar Centers National Blues Competition,
"King of the Blues" in Los Angeles, California.